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John Wash ElementaryJohn Wash

Respect, Responsibility, Caring, Trust, and Family .  Community of Caring promotes social inclusion of all children, encourages civic responsibility, and emphasizes the teaching of values everywhere. It is a whole school program. Sanger Unified began this program approximately 8 years ago at one school. It was so successful that it branched out to all schools in the district. Two years ago all 13 Sanger elementary schools were awarded with the Bonner Character Education Award throughFresno State. This is the first time in the Bonner Award history that an entire district won this award. We are all very proud of this accomplishment.

Each month at John Wash Community of Caring Awards are presented to one student from each class. That student is selected by their teacher to be awarded with the Community of Caring value of the month. These 5 values are Respect, Responsibility, Caring, Trust and Family. Teachers choose the student that exemplifies the value that we have been focusing on for that month.

We encourage students to reflect and act upon the core values as a guide to shaping their lives, illuminating their goals, and making responsible decisions.

Please encourage your child to live the core values of Respect, Responsibility, Caring, Trust and Family on a daily basis.