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John Wash Elementary

John Wash

Community of Caring


John Wash has a Positive Behavior Intervention Support (PBIS) system called R.O.A.R.S. Our behavioral expectations are based on Responsibility, On Task behavior, Achievement, Respect, and Self- Control. When students display these characteristics, staff will reward them with R.O.A.R.S. tickets. Students may save tickets for our student store, which will be held monthly, or other activities that will be awarded to them based on the number of tickets that they earn. Along with our ROARS system, we encourage students to reflect and act upon the core values of Community of Caring:  Respect, Responsibility, Caring, Trust, and Family.  Community of Caring promotes social inclusion of all children, encourages civic responsibility, and emphasizes the teaching of values everywhere.  Please encourage your child to live the core values of Respect, Responsibility, Caring, Trust, and Family.

Second Step/Anti-Bullying Curriculum

Second Step is a research and evidence based program designed to integrate social-emotional learning into our classrooms. Students learn skills that promote empathy, emotion management, friendship skills, and problem solving. Our students also learn how to recognize, report, and refuse bullying. Students participate in weekly lessons that allow them to practice and implement skills they are learning. It is our goal to partner with our families to help build and strengthen social-emotional wellness in our students. We value the opportunity we have to foster a safe and supportive environment throughout our campus.